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4 Steps to your individual plush toy

  • 1. Design and Offer
    • Product ideas
    • Design development
    • Design and layout proposals
    • Determination of legal product requirements
    • Selection of final product: shape, size, material, colors
    • Offer
    • Minimum order quantities: depending on the size of the plush toy starting from approximately 500pc on, Walking Act Costumes available from only 1pc on.
  • 2. Prototype and Approval
    • Product design
    • Prototype development
    • Prototype production
    • Prototype approval
    • Embroidery programming and printing film development
    • Production Sample development
    • Production sample approval
  • 3. Production
    • Production
    • Quality control during and at the end of production
    • Optional: toy certification done by testing laborator
    • Packaging
    • Preparation for shipment
  • 4. Delivery
    • Distribution: sea freight approximately 5 – 6 weeks, Air cargo approximately 5 – 7 days
    • Distribution
    • Optional: Storage and “Just-IN-Time” delivery

openmindz® Plushtoyplanet specializes in individual custom-made products made of high-quality plush. It does not matter whether it is a cuddly toy animal, mascots, baby toys, plush collection, walking act, or key chains - we transform your ideas into plush. All individual plush figures are inspected for quality in compliance with current EU-guidelines and in accordance with EN71. You will be surprised how reasonably priced your own plush creation is. Are you interested in your own product? Here is how easy it is: Step-by-Step to your own Plush figure:

1. Design and Offer

At the beginning you have an idea. This idea will be put into words and converted into graphic form or into a handmade plush sample by our designer. Our experience with regard to material, size, form, color selection, and design supports you in this process. Maybe you already have your own suitable graphic template and a very concrete idea of what your plush figure should look like? Then we will analyze your request for feasibility and support you with advice. After you have informed us of the desired number of pieces, size, and quality, we draw up a non-binding offer for you.

2. Prototype and Approval

Based on the graphic template, a model will be handmade for you. The prototype will be approved by you. This is how the approval process is done: We will send you a picture of the prototype via e-mail attachment. If you approve your plush figure, then production will begin. If you wish to make some changes, a new prototype will be made. You will receive the revised picture for approval. After your assessment and approval of the photos, you will receive a dummy by request. You keep this sample dummy for reference and proof. Then the actual production begins.

3. Production

During production we pull several sample copies and compare it to the model. During and after production is completed, your plush toys are tested for quality. After your product has passed all quality controls, it will be prepared for shipment. Upon request, your product will be certified by an independent and accredited testing institute, in accordance with the applicable toy-directives.

4. Delivery

We work together with global operating logistics companies. As a result, shipment of your products is fast, safe and cheap. Since most of the toys are produced in the Far East, shipping normally takes around 5 - 6 weeks. Should you need it earlier, we will have your product sent by air which reduces the delivery time to 5 to 7 days. Optional we also offer to store your plush mascots for you. We will send them out Just-In-Time whenever you need them.