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Individual Plush Toy:

Individual Plusch toy productions include all kinds of different shapes and articles. No matter if it is a stuffed toy in animal shape, or key chains and house shoes. Individual plush toys will always have a tailor made shape according to the preferred design by the customer. There are four steps to produce individual plush toys – please check them out here.

Walking Act Costume:

Individual Walking Act costumes are worn by humans. Inside there is a cooling fan and the shoe soles are made of rubber. The design of an individual Walking Act Costume will always be manufactured in accordance with the mascot design of the customer. It is very good for promotion events and fairs since a Mascot Costume will be the eyecatcher for your company or sports club. The size of our Walking Act Costumes can vary and often it depends on the mascot design and the persons size who is will be wearing it. Most of our individually produced Walk Act Costumes will be higher than 2m. Here you can see an example for such a costume.

Stuffed Toys as advertising gifts:

Stuffed toys and animals are very much suitable as a promotional item. Customers can print or embroider their logo on the plush figures and promote their company in a positive way. Children love the cuddly plush items and the valuable gift will always be connected with the company or brand that is shown on the advertising plush toy.


Mascots are meant to show a character which is strongly linked to a company, a brand or also a sports club. Mascots will have an individual design and there are different sizes possible. As a suitable product for modern merchandising mascots made out of plush can be given to children or sport fans. Mascots can also be worn as a Walk Act Costume. A mascot will personalize a brand or club and it makes it easier for customers to identify the brand or company behind it.

Plushtoy Producer

Plushtoy producers have the capability to manufacture individual plush toys and mascots for you. They take care of a decent quality and they will follow the four important steps which always count for individual plush productions. Manufacturers of plush toys have to deal with the different designs and markets in order to consult the customers well.

Plush Assortment

In the Plush Assortment customers can see a large variety of different stuffed animals and plush figures. All plush toys can be individualized as advertising gifts or individually manufactured so that customers will receive their own exclusive design.

Super Soft Velboa Plush

Super Soft Velboa Plush is our most successful plush material. It is used for Baby plush products as well as for individual plush mascots. It is suitable for allergic persons and this plush material can be put in a washing machine at 30°Celsius.

Stuffing for plush toys

For our stuffed plush toys we mainly use high quality PP-wool.